Technology should not be complicated. WE strive to integrate everyday technologies into easy to use control solutions.

Part of providing excellent service is joining with the best. We are certified dealers and have ongoing relationships with these companies, together insuring you are taken care of with the most innovative technology. We are extremely confident in our knowledge of their products and latest technology and we know how to make it work perfectly for you.

Distributed Audio Video Systems

A distributed audio-video system can create a simple way to listen to or watch whatever you’d like in any room of your home. We create simple ways of allowing you to have all your sources hidden but control them simply and seamlessly. This creates a very clean look with the speakers and components hidden which would otherwise take up a lot of space.

Custom Home Theaters

Media Rooms and Home Theaters can add a wow factor to any home. They also do not need to be as expensive as they may look but can add an amazing gathering space for families to spend time together.

Wireless Internet

Internet is an everyday component to most of our lives. It has changed the way we watch tv, listen to music and has transformed the way we work. We design and install robust computer networks to exceed the demands of the systems we install and the people for whom we design them.

Lighting Control

Lighting levels can help create a mood or ambiance. We can create customized lighting presets to set the tone for a party or simply to follow your lifestyle.

Surveillance Systems

Your home should be a safe place away from any outside worry. With our help to install proper cameras, this feature will give you great peace of mind. We offer simple solutions to view your cameras whether you are home or away and to be alerted if something is not right.

Customized Window Shades

Imagine controlling an entire wall of windows treatments with the touch of a button. We offer both manual and motorized window shading solutions in an array of finishes and colors.

Conference Rooms & Meeting Spaces

Applying a video conferencing system is an excellent way for businesses to ensure that their conferences or presentations turn out successful. Streamlining the setup process reduces irritating delays to your meeting and in turn will leave your guests impressed with a top-notch system.

Rescue Work

Have a system you don’t like? Have us take a look to see what can be done to simplify your existing equipment or make some upgrades.

We have a lot of experience working with homeowners that have struggled with systems provided by other companies. We can help assess what you have and how your existing equipment can be reused to give you want you want.

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